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Support During Supply Chain Disruptions

Health and Nutrition Service Efforts to Assist with Supply Chain Disruptions

The nationwide supply chain and labor shortage is impacting school nutrition programs across Arizona. As a result, schools are experiencing item shortages, last minute replacements, or having limited staff to prepare and serve food. Since the September 15th Informational Session: Working Together to Address Food Supply Disruptions, Health and Nutrition Services (HNS) has received 33 webform submissions reporting food supply chain interruptions. HNS meets with the School Nutrition Programs Advisory Council Food Systems Chair weekly to discuss the submissions and identify operators who may benefit from a peer/mentor partnership to support them through the issues they are facing. Both the informational session and webform can be found on the COVID-19: Guidance to Child Nutrition Operators webpage:

In addition to the technical assistance provided, HNS has local, state, and federal partnerships on this issue and continues to share information and resources that are available from these agencies. Please refer to the links below for access to a video from the School Nutrition Association (SNA) that can help address supply chain struggles to parents and the community, as well as resources and webinars that are available for viewing.

  • SNA Supply Chain Video:
  • SNA Q&A Webinar with USDA (free for SNA members):
  • USDA Planning for a Dynamic School Environment:
  • USDA Webinar on Procurement Strategies:

HNS remains committed to supporting operators through navigating the supply chain issues. Email to be connected with a Health and Nutrition Services Specialist to discuss your situation.