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Navigating You Google Classroom

You may view the video, How to Navigate Google Classroom, for help with viewing and submitting your assignments.

Getting into your Google classroom while in S Mode

Windows 10 s mode is a safety feature that does not allow non approved programs to be installed, programs like google chrome. If your run into this problem, you can use Microsoft Edge to get into your classroom. If the Google Meet does not work on Microsoft Edge, you will need to update your device.

You may view the support document, Switching out of S mode in Window 10, for instruction on how to turn off S mode on your laptop.

Logging into Google for the first time

Option 1

  1. Go to Google
  2. Click the sign in button
  3. Enter your email address (contact charter high school for your email address)
  4. Enter your temporary password (contact charter high school for your temporary address)
  5. Select forgot password
  6. Enter your temporary password
  7. Select change password
  8. Enter your temporary password
  9. Select and enter a new password

Option 2

  1. Log into your student Gmail account.
  2. Open the classroom invite email.
  3. Click the join button for classroom access.
  4. Select password
  5. Enter password
  6. Enter a new password

View Class with Google Meet

  1. Log into Google classroom.
  2. Click on your classroom meet link.